CC Camera

The field of surveillance has been instead an old one, but the introduction of the Closed Circuit Camera has been nothing short of a game-changer, to say the least.  The CC Camera introduced conveniences and added facilities like the remote monitoring, automated surveillance and the likes.  The CC camera has in the short decade or so, managed to find a place in any significant security drill and installation.

If ever there is a strong point to the use of the CC camera, then it has to be the fact that it is one of the most adaptable of optical devices. It is this very factor that has seen the introduction of different types and variants of the CC camera too.

The types of cameras used for closed-circuit surveillance

Considering the different types and models of CC cameras around, they can be broadly classified into two, and they are the indoor installations and the outdoor installations.

Indoor CC camera

 As the very term states, the indoor cameras are meant for installation inside the building and premises. They require very little protection as such from the elements and have standards of construction that are laxer to execute.  They do not have the shields to keep out the direct sunlight or the waterproofing property that is to be expected of an outdoor installation.

Outdoor CC camera

The outdoor installations need to factor in the elements most of the time. This calls for layers of protection as the case might be.  Some of the more specialized cc cameras do have night vision properties as well.  Most cameras mounted in the outdoors have filers employed to allow a better vision.

Although the above two classifications do cover broadly the whole spectrum of cameras being used for surveillance, there are variations from the base models that are suited to the localized application most of the time.

Classification of the premises

Since the standards of home CC cameras are different from the commercial ones and in turn from the industrial uses, each of the classifications has operating properties that are unique to the situation and purpose.  The most significant of the points of each category are as discussed below.

Home or domestic CC camera

This classification of cameras do not need the kind of ruggedness often expected from more demanding installations. The focus of this variety is to provide a cost-effective means of surveillance and no more.  There would be situations which need a more focused approach, but these are one-off situations than a rule as such.

Commercial CC camera

The cameras used to keep watch over commercial establishments are what constitute commercial CC cameras. By the term commercial establishments, it signifies the shopping complexes and market spaces around the towns and cities.  Commercial use would need clarity of images far more than the home use as often the CC camera images could be called as evidence in the court cases involving the business establishments.

Industrial surveillance

The CC cameras in use here are one of the hardiest and toughest makes available.  At times the physical conditions might mean extreme of temperatures too.  These are one of the most costly of cameras models to be had anywhere, and most industrial customers are more concerned about the reliability of the systems used than the final cost of the surveillance system as a whole.

Getting a quote from CC Networks

When a request is received for CC cameras, the first question would be the operating conditions to be taken into account.  A first visit is made to the premises and a rough sketch made of the surveillance scheme.  The customer asked for any special considerations to be heeded and a primary CC camera network is worked out with the inputs.

If the customer is happy with what has been planned out, then the company moves forward with the supply and installation of the systems.  So do make a start to understand your needs by getting in touch with CC Networks for a no obligation quote for the work at hand.

Maintaining the systems

As is the accepted practice, Annual Maintenance Contracts are available for the purchase.  This provides the customer with a minimum level of service, and since the installation is done by the very people who would have installed the systems, the correct approach to the maintenance of the CC system would be taken.

The people at CC Networks

No organization can move forward on the quality of the technology being used alone, and the people that work at the enterprise do play an essential role in the furthering of business interests.  In keeping to this view, the company does provide a competitive package to the deserving workers and undertake periodic skill enhancement exercises to keep the workers abreast of the latest occurrences in the field of surveillance and the CC cameras.